WMS Firepower SS Refurbishing project!

FIREPOWER (SS) 1980 Williams


This is the second pinball, Williams Firepower 1980, I bought in February -07. It worked when I tried it at the seller but there was some problems with loose contacts which affected the displays - working/non working. I needed a pinball to play on while I did the refurbishing of the Grand Prix and I was curious to have a solid state pinball as complement to the elektromechanical.

The price got quit feasible after some negotiate with the seller so the deal was set. Meanwhile I felt that this pinball Firepower would be another refurbishing project since it not was in the best state. But what I did not know was how extensive the refurbishing became to bee.

The backglass was in decent condition for it's age - there is some scratch marks but nothing who bathers me.


Here is a movie of mine Williams Firepower 1980 in action!


  • Working time: approx 150,5 hours
  • New plastic lane guides
  • All coil diodes replaced
  • New rubber ring kit
  • xx pcs #47 lamps on playfield
  • xx pcs #47 lamps and 4 pcs flasher underside playfield
  • Serial Number: 418 812
  • Date of Manufacturing: 7 MAR 1980

  • Average Fun Rating: 8.3/10
  • Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985)
  • Model no: 497
  • MPU: Williams System 6
  • Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)
  • Production: 17,410 units
  • Players: 4
  • Theme: Outer Space
  • Notable Features:Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Kick-out holes (3), Rollunder spinner (1), 3-bank standup targets (2), Kickback in left outlane.
  • First pinball to feature Lane Change, which is activated by pressing the right flipper button. First electronic multiball. First animated displays.
  • Prototype versions feature two 3-bank drop targets. They were replaced by the standup targets in the production version.
  • Design by: Steve Ritchie
  • Art by: Constantino Mitchell

  • Referens: IPDB


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