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Firepower Pinball   Firepower Pinball

My Williams Firepower 1980 had stood at the previous owner for many years. He whom I bought Williams Firepower 1980 told me that his children used to play the pinball machine when they were in their late teens, but now they were adults and only played a bit when they came for visit. Before that they had bought it from a person in Gothenburg and they had it in thier possession for over 10 years. He was also owner of a Gottlieb EM pinball machine that he was considering to sell.

I have read about Williams Firepower 1980 that it was a real success when it came out in arcades in early 80th century. There was most Electro-mechanical (EM) pinballs in arcades in those days and when electronic pinball machine (Solid State) began to make their entrance as Williams Firepower 1980 and other titles they got a huge popularity. These electronic pinball machines have sound and voices, and other fun features. Apparently Williams Firepower 1980 went so popular that people stood and queued to play it at the arcades.

The early Williams Firepower 1980 prototype machines feature drop targets instead of stand up targets which later become standard in the machines for production. It is possible to convert your machine to drop targets if you would like to modify your Williams Firepower 1980.


Grand Prix Pinball   Grand Prix Pinball

My Williams Grand Prix 1976, had been in a collectors hands for 5 years. He had bought it of a person in north of Sweden and had no time to restore it when he started to get too many pinball machines in his collection and also would soon move into an apartment.

Williams Grand Prix 1976 was one of the last Electro-mechanical titles made by Williams in Chicago. It is packed with features such as double bonus tracks and extra score wheels in the backbox. This is to keep the increasingly discerning audience interested in pinball machines. Apparently Williams Grand Prix 1976 was used to test the new electronics that would come in the future of pinball machines in titles such as Gorgar, Firepower, Time Warp to name a few. Some Williams Grand Prix 1976 was equipped with electronic display and electronic sounds instead of score wheels and chime units for test of the oncoming Solid State technologies.

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