WMS Space Mission EM Refurbishing project - Part V!


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Space Mission Refurbishing Log

Date Time Description
20.00-22.00 (2,0h) Disassemble of playfield parts/details.
2007-05-05 21.00-23.00 (2,0h) Cleaning of playfield plastics and parts/details.
2007-05-06 21.00-24.00 (3,0h) Cleaning and polish playfield with Carnauba wax. Review and polish of coin door, legs and side rails on the cabinet with Autosol.

21.00-23.30 (2,5h)

Rebuild playfield parts/details.

Date Time Description
21.00-00.30 (3,5h) Disassemble of Score wheels player 1.
2008-08-05 21.00-23.00 (2,0h) Disassemble of Score wheels player 3 and rebuild of player 1 Score Wheels.
2008-08-06 21.00-24.00 (3,0h) Cleaning of player 3 Score wheels and rebuild.

21.00-23.00 (2,0h)

Finish rebuild of player 3 Score wheels.

21.00-22.30 (1,5h)

Disassemble of player 2 and 4 Score wheels.

21.00-24.30 (3,5h)

Rebuild of player 2 Score wheels.

21.00-24.00 (2,0h)

Rebuild of player 4 Score wheels.

21.30-21.00 (3,0h)

Disassemble and cleaning of Credit unit and Match unit.

20.00-23.00 (3,0h)

Rebuild of Credit unit and Match unit and cleaning of connectors "jacks".

Underneath playfield
Date Time Description
2008-09-13 14.00-14.30 (0,5h) Cleaning of kicker units.
2008-09-14 23.30-01.00 (1,5h) Rebuild of right kicker unit and disassembly of right flipper assembly. Cleaning backside of inserts with Novus 2.
2008-09-15 22.30-24.00 (1,5h) Disassemble of left flipper, cleaning of inserts, exchange of lamp bulbs from #44 to #47. Rebuild of right flipper unit.
2008-09-16 23.00-24.00 (1,0h) Rebuild of left flipper, cleaning coils and switches.

21.00-22.00 (1,0h)

Disassemble and cleaning of right kicker and cleaning of inserts.

22.30-24.30 (2,0h)

Disassemble and cleaning of left kicker, rebuild of right kicker and cleaning of inserts and exchange of lamp bulbs.
2008-09-26 22.30-23.00 (0,5h) Rebuild of left kicker unit.

23.00-24.00 (1,0h)

Disassemble of bonus unit and pop bumpers.
2008-10-01 22.30-24.00 (1,5h) Cleaning of bonus unit, pop bumpers, switches and swinging target.
2008-10-02 20.30-24.00 (3,5h) Rebuild of pop bumpers, cleaning of roll over switches and bonus unit. Review and cleaning of relays.
2008-10-05 10.30-13.00 (2,5h) Cleaning of moving target and relays.
2008-10-05 14.00-17.00 (3,0h) Cleaning relays and solder loose wire Black-White pos E-9 at A-relay.
2008-10-05 17.30-18.30 (1,0h) Cleaning of connectors "jacks" backside of playfield and in backbox.

Mechanism panel
Date Time Description
2008-10-07 20.00-23.00 (3,0h) Cleaning of relays and alternator unit.
2008-10-08 18.00-22.00 (4,0h)

Disassemble and cleaning of player unit, ball count unit, relays and connectors "jacks".

2008-10-09 20.30-24.00 (3,5h) Cleaning and verify score motor switches towards the manual.
2008-10-14 21.00-24.00 (3,0h) Troubleshooting the problem why the game not always score double bonus when ball drain. New review of switches on score motor and 1000 p relay towards the electrical schematic without finding the root cause.
2008-10-15 20.00-24.00 (4,0h) Additional troubleshooting, reading of electrical schematic and manual and cleaning of switches on score motor and 1000 p relay. The problem with missing double bonus still remain.

Total work time
69 h

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