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Welcome to Fred´s Pinball Station!

Background FPS

The main purpose of this site, FPS, is to review an oversight of mine spare-time activity and then foremost my newly achieved hobby pinball's. The intention is that there shall be descriptions of the pinball machines including some kind of log of the refurbishing work to restore the machines in a decent playable condition.

Who is behind/creator of FPS?

Pinball take control of your leisure time

My name is Fredrik, born in the end of the 60´ths and lives in Sweden with my family. My family consists of a daughter named Alva and a boy named Albin and my wife who is very sympathetic for my newly raised interest. She believe that I have got some kind of pinball virus, yes in the beginning of an new topic it is easy to spend to much time learning all new terminology and technical issues involved in these machines.

Why Pinball?

Accessibility and circumstances

How I become an owner of a pinball machine, the story behind. It all started the autumn 2006 when I saw an advertisement for a non functional pinball Underwater (Recel) on the Swedish auction site Tradera which got for an feasible price, unfortunately I missed the chance to achieve the pinball due to certain circumstances. I found more and more information on the internet about pinball's machine, how to refurbishing and renovate this old machines. This combined with memories from high school when we always during the breaks hanged out on a local café which had one pinball machine, I believe it was Mr. And Mrs. Pac-Man, and an arcade game Tiger-Heli, Taito 1985. Also a jukebox was present where the song "Sex crime" with Eurythmics was frequently played. I thought this could be a nice hobby to renovate an old machine after the house refurbishing now was ended.


Possession and interest

Anyone that is in possession of a pinball machine or enjoy them might find something of interest on this site. Everything described on this site is my way to practice the subject and can be taken as a guideline for prospective or initiated pinball Wizards. Anything already done by me or by any other can I not be hold responsible for, everything is done on there own risk. So, remember you are responsible for any damage or malfunction of your pinball machine. You are welcome to give feed back, constructive critic or additional information about the content of these web pages either by sending a mail or by the forum.

Pleasure and Pinball

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