The use of tools!

Tin sucker

When desolder components from a PCB board the tin sucker is useful, but sometimes a solder wick gives best result.


Useful to cut wires and when removing a IC to cut of the legs.

Mini Long Nose plier

With the pliers I close switch blade during cleaning with a sand file. Also with the pliers screws can be positioned in areas which is hard to reach by hand.


Drive wrench is used to loosen nuts for playfield plastics and to loosen screws for playfield posts. The socket has a rounded form and will not scratch the playfield plastic.

Banana clip

Banana clip is useful during troubleshooting of broken wires or when a unit is suspect to not operate well. The banana clip can be used to close for example a switch blades.

Wrench Screw Driver

Very useful to loosen all kind of screws.

Short Screw Driver

Is useful when the working space is limited for example in the cabinet.


Steel file for manicure is useful on End Of Stroke (EOS) tungsten switches.

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